Ethereum Plinko: Best ETH Plinko Casinos in 2024

Ethereum Plinko has emerged as one of the most popular crypto casino games. This simple yet exciting game involves dropping a ball down a pyramid-shaped pegboard to win crypto prizes. When combined with the power of Ethereum and its native currency Ether (ETH), the game takes on new levels of fun and profit potential.

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125% Bonus up to $1,250 on First Three Crypto Deposits
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In this article, we will cover the top Ethereum Plinko sites for 2024, the benefits of using ETH to play, and factors to consider when choosing a casino.

What is Ethereum Plinko?

Ethereum Plinko is based on the classic casino game Plinko. It works similarly, except instead of cash prizes, players can win ethereum (ETH) or other cryptocurrencies. The game board consists of a pyramid structure with horizontal pegs. At the bottom are slots labeled with various multipliers.

To play, you place a wager in ETH and drop a ball from the top. As it falls, the ball bounces randomly off the pegs, eventually landing in one of the prize slots. Your payout depends on which slot the ball lands in. The corner slots have the biggest multipliers up to 1000x, while the middle slots have smaller multipliers.

Part of the appeal of crypto Plinko is the simple gameplay paired with the potential for big payouts. It’s fast-paced, visually appealing, and requires no advanced strategy.

Features of ETH Plinko Sites

The best Ethereum Plinko sites have a few key features in common:

  • Provably fair games – The outcome of each Plinko game is determined by random chance, not the house. Reputable sites use provably fair algorithms to ensure game integrity.
  • Instant ETH deposits and withdrawals – Top crypto casinos enable users to deposit and cash out winnings in ETH quickly, with no long wait times.
  • Lucrative ETH bonuses and rewards – Casinos compete by offering generous welcome bonuses, free spins, and other perks to players who use Ethereum.
  • Mobile compatibility – Players can access Ethereum Plinko games on most iOS and Android devices, for gaming on the go.

Best Ethereum Plinko Sites

Based on game quality, bonuses, and overall ETH support, here are the top casinos for Ethereum Plinko:


Long-running Bitcoin casino site Bovada now fully supports Ethereum as well. Their Plinko game is simple but addicting, with the potential for up to 5 ETH payouts per drop. Bovada offers a 125% deposit match up to 1 ETH.


Betplay is a newer, Ethereum-first online casino making waves with its huge selection of ETH games. Alongside baccarat and slots, their Plinko game stands out for dynamic visuals and a 1,000x maximum payout.

7Bit Casino

Popular for altcoin support, 7Bit lets you play Plinko with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. With over 1,500 casino games total, 7Bit gives ETH gamblers endless entertainment. They provide free spins and cashback when depositing Ethereum.

Wild Casino focuses solely on crypto, with Ethereum being one of their preferred altcoins. Their glossy, modern Plinko game has adjustable bet sizes to fit any budget. offers up to $9,000 in deposit bonuses usable on Ethereum Plinko.


If you want the highest ETH Plinko payouts, TrustDice is the place to play. As a crypto-only casino built on Ethereum, TrustDice offers the widest variety of ETH games anywhere. With Plinko jackpots over 2000 ETH, they blow other sites out of the water.

Why Use Ethereum on Plinko Sites?

Ethereum brings key advantages to the classic game of Plinko, including:

  • Fast payouts – With ETH, winnings from Plinko hits transfer instantly back to your crypto wallet. Avoid lengthy bank delays.
  • Anonymity – Ethereum transactions don’t require submitting personal information, allowing anonymous Plinko play.
  • Lucrative rewards – ETH casinos incentivize deposits and gameplay with generous crypto bonuses and promotions not offered for fiat deposits.
  • Global access – Anyone can play Ethereum Plinko, regardless of location or local payment restrictions.

Relevant Factors When Picking Ethereum Plinko Sites

With the basics covered, here are key factors to evaluate as you choose where to play Plinko with ETH:

How good are the games?

The quality of the Plinko game itself is paramount. Check for smooth animations, clear betting options, and understandable payout structures. Ensure the randomness algorithm is fair and regularly audited.

Does the Plinko site have end-to-end crypto capabilities?

To fully capitalize on Ethereum’s advantages, the casino should handle deposits, gameplay and withdrawals all in ETH or altcoins, with no conversion to fiat currency.

What kind of bonuses are on offer?

The best ETH Plinko sites provide generous welcome and reload bonuses paid out in Ethereum or other cryptocurrency. This extra crypto boosts your bankroll.

Payment options

Easy Ethereum integration is a must. You should be able to deposit, play Plinko and withdraw funds in ETH with no hassle. The casino should support other major altcoins too.

Pros and Cons of Using Ethereum on Plinko Sites

Let’s summarize the main advantages and drawbacks of playing Plinko with ETH:

Pros of using Ethereum

  • Instant payouts directly to your Ethereum wallet
  • Increased bonuses and rewards
  • Ability to play anonymously
  • Accessible worldwide to anyone

Cons of Ethereum

  • Volatile cryptocurrency value swings
  • Potential Ethereum transaction fees
  • Less consumer protection from regulation

In conclusion, Ethereum takes the popular casino game Plinko to new heights. With ETH Plinko play, you get bigger payouts faster, plus generous crypto bonuses. Just be aware of Ethereum’s price volatility. Stick to reputable licensed sites for the best experience.

How to Win at Ethereum Plinko

While Plinko relies substantially on luck, some strategies may improve your odds3:

  • Aim for high-value slots: Though riskier, the 1000x corner slots offer the biggest payout potential.
  • Adjust risk level: Increasing risk boosts potential payouts but also volatility. Find your ideal balance.
  • Vary peg rows: Using fewer rows means the ball has fewer obstacles to possibly land in a high-multiplier slot.
  • Practice bankroll management: Set a gambling budget and loss limit before playing and stick to it.

Ultimately Plinko payouts come down to chance. But using strategies and playing responsibly can make it more rewarding.

Ethereum Plinko VS Bitcoin Plinko

There are some key differences between ethereum plinko and bitcoin plinko:

  1. Transaction speeds: Ethereum typically has faster transaction times compared to Bitcoin, with block confirmation times around 15 seconds for Ethereum versus 10 minutes for Bitcoin1. This means deposits, withdrawals, and payouts happen quicker with Ethereum plinko.
  2. Fees: Ethereum transaction fees tend to be lower than Bitcoin fees on average2. This makes ethereum plinko potentially more cost effective for players.
  3. Acceptance: While Bitcoin is more widely accepted overall, ethereum is gaining traction. Many crypto casinos and plinko sites accept both. However, some sites only take ether for plinko, while bitcoin-only sites are less common3.
  4. Bonuses: Some plinko sites offer better deposit/welcome bonuses for ether compared to bitcoin. This allows players to maximize value4.
  5. Volatility: Bitcoin prices tend to be more volatile versus the US dollar. This introduces additional risk for Bitcoin plinko players in terms of bankroll fluctuation5.

So in summary – ethereum plinko provides faster payouts, lower fees, and potentially better bonuses and stability. But both games have their merits and remain popular crypto gambling options. Players should consider their specific needs and preferences when deciding between bitcoin or ethereum plinko.

Is Ethereum Plinko Safe?

Playing Ethereum plinko is generally considered safe, especially when using reputable and properly licensed crypto casinos.

The key things that make Ethereum plinko safe to play are:

  1. Fairness: Most crypto plinko games are “provably fair”, meaning the randomness can be cryptographically verified to prevent cheating or rigging.
  2. Security: Reputable plinko sites use encryption, secure wallet storage, and other measures to protect player funds and data.
  3. Licensing: Licensed crypto casinos with oversight from regulatory bodies provide more accountability and recourse if issues arise.
  4. Responsible gambling features: Trusted sites offer deposit limits, self-exclusion options, and resources for responsible play.

When using properly vetted, licensed crypto casinos with security protections, playing Ethereum plinko can indeed be safe. But gambling responsibly is still important.

Tips for Responsible Ethereum Plinko Gambling

Crypto Plinko, like any other form of gambling, carries risks. Here are some tips to gamble responsibly:

  • Set a budget: Determine how much you can afford to lose, and stick to it.
  • Use winnings wisely: Withdraw any big wins from your casino account to avoid losing them gambling.
  • Take breaks: Step away from the game every so often to clear your head and avoid excessive play.
  • Don’t chase losses: Avoid the temptation to win back losses by gambling more. Accept the losses and walk away.
  • Use casino safeguards: Set deposit, loss, and wager limits to restrict excessive spending.
  • Know the signs of problem gambling: Irresponsible gambling can spiral out of control. Stay aware of warning signs.
  • Use available resources: If you suspect you have a gambling problem, resources like Gamblers Anonymous can help.

Gambling ethically ultimately comes down to playing for entertainment, not profit. By following these responsible gambling tips, you can enjoy ethereum Plinko safely.


Is Ethereum Plinko safe? 

Yes, ethereum plinko is generally safe when using properly licensed and regulated crypto casinos with security measures like encryption and provable fairness. However, players should still gamble responsibly.

How to win at Ethereum Plinko?

While winning at ethereum plinko relies substantially on luck, some strategies like aiming for high payout slots, adjusting risk levels, and bankroll management may slightly improve your odds.

What is the best ethereum plinko for beginners? 

For beginners, the best ethereum plinko sites offer simple gameplay, good tutorials, low minimum bets, and responsible gambling features.

Where is the best ethereum plinko with high payouts? 

Crypto plinko sites like Stake, CryptoGames, and BC Game offer ethereum plinko with high maximum payouts up to 1000x, especially on their high-risk corner slots.