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The Hidden Hills!

The Undiscovered Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts Await You

Comfort Kitchen and Bar, Huntington MA
Granville Country Store
Blandford Mass
Chester Theatre Company
Huntington Country Store
Outlook Farm, Westhampton Massachusetts
Windsor Massachusetts
Hanging Mountain Farm and Straw Bale Cafe
Canterbury Farm skiing
pork chop Comfort kitchen
comfort kitchen and bar
Granville Country Store
Chester Theatre Company
Huntington Country Store
Outlook Farm, Westhampton Massachusetts
Windsor Massachusetts
Hanging Mountain
Canterbury Farm skiing
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Rapids Bar and Grill Huntington MAThe Hidden Hills of Western Massachusetts refers to the Southern Berkshire Hill Towns, specifically the towns which do not have an exit from the Massachusetts Turnpike.

These towns include Becket, Blandford, Chester, Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, Granville, Hawley, Huntington, Middlefield, Montgomery, Otis, Plainfield, Russell, Westhampton, Williamsburg, Windsor, and Worthington.

This website provides you with a link to outdoor recreation in this beautiful place: kayaking, hiking, restaurants, weddings, and shopping. We think there are a lot of good reasons to plan a visit to our area soon!

Views of the Wesfield River Gorge from Montgomery, MA

The original Hidden Hills map and the website were developed with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation funds, with the purpose of encouraging travel and tourism to the towns bypassed by the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Watch a Video of Hiking in the Hidden Hills

These towns are special in that they have maintained their rural character and open spaces over the decades.

Massachusetts Route 20 is also known as the Jacob’s Ladder Scenic Byway.  It ambles through many of the towns that the Mass Turnpike left forgotten.

A trip on Route 20 gives people the sense of being transported back to a time when the Berkshires were bucolic farmland and untouched wilderness.

Listen to the editor talk about the mission of

The wild and scenic Westfield River winds through the area, with its many tributaries, making this a great area for outdoor activities of all types, from trout fishing to cross-country skiing and hiking.

Have you ever heard the term Shunpiking? Shunpiking refers to the deliberate act of avoiding roads which require a toll for passage.  In the old days, this was done to save money.  Modern travelers appreciate unique, off the beaten path places.

Naturalists of all types will love the Hidden Hills of Western Massachusetts, as well as anyone looking for a quiet place to spend a day or a week.  For your next Sunday drive, head to the wonderful Hidden Hills, and use our itineraries to customize your excursion into the countryside.

We’re here to encourage you to get off the Turnpike and into some of these tranquil, almost forgotten towns–the Hidden Hills!

Highlights of the Hidden Hills