Williamsburg Market

Remember the “good old days”? Remember when you could walk to the local market, pick up an ice cold soda pop, and sit out on the front steps to enjoy it? Remember when your local butcher cut all his meats fresh? Or when your local grocer knew your name?

Welcome to The Williamsburg Market, your old fashioned, hometown grocery store… where the good old days live on. A quiet, simple little store, just like you remember. Located at the heart of beautiful, historic Williamsburg Massachusetts, the Williamsburg Market is a shining example of the way things “used to be.”
From our friendly, family oriented staff, to our clean, well stocked aisles. The polished hardwood floors creak just so. The smell of fresh baked breads and goodies carries you back to simpler times.

But the “Burgy” Market is so much more too… part old fashioned market, part upscale specialty store, we carry everything you need! From the most basic staples of life, to the ingredients for the fanciest dinner party, we have it all! Come explore our store!!

3 Main Street (Route 9)
Williamsburg, MA 01096

Open Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 7:00
Sundays 9 – 2