Williamsburg General Store

Williamsburg General Store is a full-service general store serving the village of Williamsburg with fresh produce, groceries, coffee, sandwiches, newspapers and everything you’d find in a New England General store–including a front porch to sit at and watch the world go by.

Much of the original store is still in evidence. Drawers with numbers tell the nail size (8, 10, and 12 penny, for example). Today the drawers hold all manner of merchandise – from locally hand-made soaps to bags of herbs and spices, and a wide variety of trail munchies. Customers today walk on the same oak floor boards as people 140 years ago. Original shelves carry today’s merchandise while wood ceilings have proven handy for goods which display best when hung.

In typical small-town tradition, the historic store served as the local gathering place for playing a game of checkers or discussing the latest political rivalries. In our early years we followed that time-honored tradition and set out a checker board in front of the wood stove we used for heat. Early customers enjoyed harkening back to the “good old days”. Checkers are no more, but the stove remains, though no longer used because we need room for merchandise.

You can see, and safely walk on, a large steel floor grate near our greeting card spinners. Canny Postmaster Burke arranged for the postal authorities to provide a heater to keep employees and patrons warm. He figured, why not locate the floor furnace where it could warm both post office and store? Today, the grate is part of our modern heating and air conditioning system.


Forty years! Every one of them a challenge and a joy. We opened our doors during Columbus weekend, 1977. Many townspeople came in to meet us and wish us well. (Several wondered aloud how we could possibly make a living in such a small town.) Carol and I joined the Williamsburg Grange and the Congregational Church. I joined the Lions Club. We got to know our neighbors. Our children attended our local schools and the University. The Majercik family quickly grew to love our new town and we believe the town likes us.

We’re proud to have given hundreds of young people their first work experience. They, along with older employees, have contributed greatly to our success. Many individuals, some with us for as long as a quarter century, have become well-known to our General Store customers. Which is to say that our success in business and our happiness as townsfolk is because we have had such a treasure trove of wonderful people working for and with us to help make it happen. They, and the people from near and far who have been our faithful customers, deserve and have our deepest and most sincere gratitude.

112 Main St
Williamsburg, MA 01060