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The Perfect Place to Tie the Knot!

The beautiful rolling hills of Western Massachusetts are the perfect place for a destination wedding.  But a destination that is easy to reach, and will inspire both the bride and the groom.  Below are some of the great places to have a wedding or anniversary event that you’ll never forget….right here in the Hidden Hills!

The Bliss Farm, Granville, MA

The Event barn at The Bliss Farm is now an extremely popular location for rustic, modern wedding events. The family provides flexibility and creativity you need to create your vision of a dream wedding. During your wedding, they offer the service to light bonfire, a unique way to celebrate with friends and family.  More info

Singing Bridge Art Salon and Cafe, Huntington, MA

Right next to the famous singing bridge, in the former Remington Lodge, with the picturesque river and a flower-filled walking bridge. Perfect venue for weddings, celebrations, and workshops. Accommodations on site.  More info

The Worthington Inn at Four Corners Farm, Worthington MA

The 1800s barn building and the sweeping views from high above the hills in Worthington make this a perfect venue for a wedding or other gathering.  More info

Berkshire Outdoor Center, Becket MA

Combine the rustic and the intimate when you host your big day at the Berkshire Outdoor Center. Located on an expansive property in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, this outdoor center is not only a beloved summer camp but also a beautiful location for hosting your wedding day.  More info

A wedding at the Bliss Farm in Granville. The Hidden Hills are the perfect place to plan a wedding or any large celebration. Elijah Holland photo.