Patchwork Farm

Patchwork Farm Retreat in the Berkshire foothills of western Massachusetts was founded 37 years ago by Patricia Lee Lewis and her children, John & Ponteir Sackrey. Its 103 wooded, mountainside acres, hiking trails, wildlife pond, outbuildings and lovely Patchwork Cottage look toward sunrise and the Connecticut River Valley.

In the beginning and for their first 8 years, Patchwork Farm offered several sheds and a tiny cabin with no running water and no electricity; a great bear of a wood furnace in the basement kept the family warm enough in winter. Hauling water and provisions uphill by sled for themselves and the birds kept them warmer and, more often than not, laughing.

Today, tucked in the woods along dirt roads, and built on old shed foundations, you will find several small retreat cabins, a Hermit’s Hut, a little barn, and a screened pavilion with decks and a meditation garden for overnight guests and small events such as weddings, reunions, music and spoken word performances.

Patchwork Cottage grew up after about 30 years and now offers plenty of room for Patricia’s writing retreats and special events–and the Eagles Nest’s two-room suite and balcony for overnight guests. These days, not only does Patchwork Cottage have electricity and running water, it has an elevator!

From the beginning, it has been a pleasure to open these beautiful woods to others and the annotated map of our extensive trail system has made it easy to find your way to Angel Pond, High Moose Meadow, Leverett’s Old Growth Trail or Ben’s Circle Clearing. We even have a GPS map not only of our trails but those of hundreds of surrounding acres. You can be the “blue dot” on the map.

Whether for creative writing workshops and retreats, for your own personal retreat, to stay as an overnight guest through our airbnb offerings or to book The Aery for a special event, you will be welcome at Patchwork Farm Retreat.

292 Chesterfield Rd
Chesterfield, MA 01027