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Huntington, MA photo by Rachael McGrath
Huntington Mass, peaceful small-town living.

Huntington Massachusetts

A great stop for kids of all ages is the Huntington Country Store. They are “stocked to the ceilings” (true) with gourmet chocolates and candy, stocking stuffers, jewelry, windchimes, baskets, Christmas ornaments and cards, toys and crystals. They have collectibles, kitchen gadgets, and pottery.

Smell the wonderful aroma of the candles, spices, Wrapples, baked goods, grinders, wraps, salads, hard ice cream, fancy soaps, potpourris and gourmet coffees as you shop. There are so many little toys, it’s sure to be a hit with the kids!  They also have a full bakery and offer ice cream and made to order sandwiches, making this a great lunch spot.

The Rapids Bar and Grill is a great stop for the adults. They offer live music on weekends and have an amazing patio overlooking the scenic Westfield River. A great stop for a beverage after a day spent kayaking on nearby Littleville Lake.

In the center of Huntington, you’ll find Comfort Restaurant and Bar and the town common.   The big bridge over the Westfield River marks the center of this spread-out town, along with some other businesses.

Comfort Kitchen and Bar, Huntington MA.
Comfort Kitchen and Bar, Huntington MA.

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