Hilltown Sleddogs

Hilltown Sleddogs is a Touring and Racing Kennel, home to a team of Alaskan Husky Sled Dogs in Western Massachusetts. Racing is our Passion and Touring is our Business. In Summer we offer Sled Dog Camps, Dog Yard Tours and Hikes with a Husky. In Winter, Spring, and Fall, we offer Rides, Group or Private Lessons, with Our Dogs or Yours, on dry land and snow!

ABOUT MARLA BB – Sled Dog Racer/Adventure Outfitter
The summer of 2007 I spent a month on Tour in Alaska with my Blues Band. We performed from Fairbanks all the way down to Kodiak Island. On my days off I visited as many Mushers Dog Yards as possible. This led me to an opportunity with Yukon Quest Champions, Aliy Zirkle & Allen Moore. In 2008 I spent many weeks apprenticing with them & handling their Iditarod Teams that year. When the season was over they retired a leader to me, Betty. As a youngster she was a Sprint Racing Dog for Native Alaskan Musher Marvin Kokrine, turned into a Distance Dog with SP Kennel.

This was the beginning of Hilltown Sleddogs & my own kennel of 20 Alaskan Huskies. I have bred & raised every dog on my team. In 2010, we began Sprint Racing & Skijoring, as my team grew we moved into Mid-Distance Racing. In 2014, I trucked 4 litters & 18 dogs to Northern Minnesota to train with Musher, Jamie Nelson & her legendary sled dog boot camp style. My team & I have grown up together through trial & error, fire & ice, connecting organically, fostering that trust & bond we get after hours out on the trail with the elements & only each other. I have sought out champions in the sport to help us grow as a team.

We race throughout the Midwest, Canada & the NorthEast. I hope one day to make it back to Alaska where it all began to train & race with my own team of Alaskan Husky Sled Dogs. For now, we serve as Ambassadors for the world of Sled Dog Sports here at home in New England offering lessons, rides, demonstrations, education, camps, tours, apprenticeships & a chance to meet, greet, hug & love our sweet Hilltown Sleddogs! Come have a howling good time with us:)

27 Mt Rd
West Chesterfield, MA 01084
Phone: (413) 296-0187
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