Grouse House Inn

Located at the base area of Otis Ridge, Grouse House offers slopeside dining & drinks in a casual setting. It’s the place to go after a day of skiing the Ridge or to simply enjoy a relaxing lunch while watching the skiers. The full-bar stays open after dinner hours every night.

The Grouse House was originally built in the 1960’s. David and Hooker Judson were then the owners and initial developers of Otis Ridge. Dave was a member of the famed 10th Mountain Division during World War II. He, like other returning members, somehow became involved in the ski business. They did the initial planning and developing of the Otis Ridge Ski Area when the primary mode of uphill transportation was rope tows. They were responsible for the inception of the Ski Camp and saw the area go through many changes.

The basement of the Grouse House still houses the snowmaking operations of the Ski Area. Those dining on weekends in the winter can experience this first hand. When the compressors and water pumps start, the building experiences the associated vibrations and some noise. Customers who have spent the night upstairs while this occurs have said that it lulls them right to sleep.

Route 23 Base of Otis Ridge Ski Area
195 Monterey Rd
Otis, MA 01253