Chester Hill Association

Chester Mass
Chester MA.

The purpose of the CHA is to promote the physical, social, economic, and educational welfare of the residents of North Chester and Chester Center. The Chester Hill Association is made up of residents and property owners of North Chester and Chester Center. Chester Hill is marked by the middle and west branches of the Westfield River from the Huntington to the Middlefield town lines.

Neighbors pay modest annual dues to promote communications between themselves, to enhance the quality of their rural lives, add to scholarships for furthering education, and to preserve the beauty and heritage of the land and their historic buildings.

Goals are met by two fundraising activities each year: the Maple Festival, usually held on the third weekend of March at Old Chester Center on Skyline Trail, and the Harvest Festival, held on the second weekend of October at the Littleville Fairgrounds. website

Chester Center
Chester, MA 01011