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Bisbee Mill Museum

The building at 3 North Road is a 1 1/2 story frame building, constructed circa 1821 and formerly served as a stable and carriage house for the residence of Oliver Edwards, a former local merchant and a member of the State Legislature in the 1830’s. It survived a fire in 1899 which destroyed the main house and for a short period was only used for storage purposes. In the early 1920’s, it was restored and used as a summer home for several years prior to being given to the town.

The Historical Society, being a private non-profit Chapter 180 corporation, operates in this publicly owned building under a Memorandum of Understanding agreed to by the Historical Society and the Town of Chesterfield’s Board of Selectmen.

The Edwards Memorial Museum has displays of many old and interesting artifacts including household tools and equipment, pictures, dresses, old furniture, and other items of like nature. It also has the “Victorian Room” which is furnished with old furniture including and old organ which still plays beautiful music.

As a fully operational grist mill, Bisbee Mill Museum offers a look into New England’s past. With three floors of agricultural and industrial exhibits as well as antique engine-powered 1800s grist mill, the Mill gives its visitors hours of learning and entertainment possibilities. We’re open the 2nd Sunday of the month June-October!