Arunah Hill Natural Science Center

Arunah Bartlett established a homestead on the mountain in the mid-1800s. A true New England Yankee, Arunah was a stone worker, farmer, builder, musician, and instrument maker. His home was a stopover on the Underground Railroad. The land still reflects his touch – with miles of stone walls, foundations, levees, berry patches, and the spruce forests that were left for posterity. In 1984, Joe Zuraw purchased the Site and Summit. Joe’s idea was to preserve its natural state and more.

Originally part of the 5A’s, by 1990 Arunah Hill had a separate identity. In 1992, Arunah was incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization to create and maintain:

A Dark Sky Observing Site for Members, Astronomers, and the Public

An Environmental, Botanical, and Wildlife Preserve

A Research Facility for Astronomy and Science

An Educational Facility for Astronomy, Science, and Nature

218 Trouble St
Cummington, MA 01026
(413) 634-0180