About Hidden-Hills.com

Max Hartshorne, publisher of Hidden-Hills.com

The Hidden Hills.com website was created in the early 2000s originally by Positronic Design in Holyoke, MA.  The original project was a large map as well as the website, and it was active until around 2013.

While the original creators moved on to other projects, when Max Hartshorne of South Deerfield found that the site was not updated, he felt it was a great opportunity to bring this useful website back to life.

Hartshorne is the publisher of Deerfield Attractions, a tourist-market website for his hometown in Western Massachusetts that has been published since 2008.  He also is the editor and owner of GoNOMAD.com Travel, a large travel website with an international audience.

The hilltowns region is full of interesting small towns, businesses, and natural beauty and the people who run businesses there need and want to reach out and attract locals and visitors to the Hidden Hills.

If you’d like to be listed or know more about the site, call us at 413-624-6640 or email us.

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