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Where Are The Hidden Hills?

The Hidden Hills are a geographical area roughly covering the Westfield River watershed. The region consists of 15 contiguous towns, from Williamsburg to Becket, Plainfield to Russell, Otis to Westhampton. The "Hidden" aspect of the Hidden Hills gets its reputation from the fact that there are NO interstate highway exits anywhere in the region. You can really only get to the Hidden Hills by taking the back roads.

To get to the Hidden Hills, find out how to get to Western Massachusetts in general from wherever you are. Then follow the directions below.

From Springfield
Take US Route 20 West through Westfield and you will arrive in Russell, where you can take Route 23 to Blandford and Otis or stay on Route 20 to Huntington.

From Northampton
Take either Route 9 or Route 66 West out of Downtown.
Route 9 takes you to Williamsburg, Goshen and Cummington.
In Williamsburg you can get on 143 to Chesterfield and Worthington.
Route 66 takes you to Westhampton and Huntington.

From Lee
Take Route 20 East into Becket where you can take Route 8 to Otis
or stay on Route 20 to Chester.

From Pittsfield
Take Route 9 East to Cummington and Goshen.

From Greenfield
Take Route 91 South to Route 116 West in South Deerfield.
Follow through Conway and Ashfield to Plainfield.

Massachusetts Map - Hidden Hills Shaded in Blue

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