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Westhampton, Massachusetts

2000 Population: 1,468

Area: 27.1 sq mi

Population Density: 54.1 / sq mi

Bordered by: Southampton, Northampton, Williamsburg, Chesterfield, Huntington

Accessible by: Route 66

Attractions: Windy Acres Campground, Mt. Pisgah

Once part of Northampton, Westhampton is today a rural community built around an active dairy farming. The first town meeting was held November 19, 1778. The town is one of 18 towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that operate as a “dry” town, which means the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Of historical note, Enoch Hale, brother of the United States’ first spy Nathan Hale, was a reverend of the congregation here in 1778.

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