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Novel Idea Book Purses

20 Acorn Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201

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Purses hand-made from hard-cover books---A Novel Idea!

The purses I create are definitely one-of-a-kind items, often becoming very unique and very personalized gifts for a book-loving and/or purse-loving person. My buyers select these special-occasion bags based on a title or an author or a subject, or perhaps based on colors and decorative elements. These book purses promise to be attention-getting conversation-starters. I take great pride in my craftmanship and artistry, promising a high-quality, beautiful product, at reasonable prices you can afford.

Novel Idea Book Purses

Novel Idea Book Purses

I am a collage artist, and came to the idea of book purses via the concept of "altered books." My altered books have included biographical story-telling using a collection of memorabilia and personal ephemera, as well as ironic re-takes or artistic expansion on the original book's contents. I also make book boxes, blank journals from book covers, specialty cards, and small books in a variety of formats.

A small artistic support group I belonged to here in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts spent one of our project-days together making purses from a set of old Charles Dickens books. That idea brewed and stewed in my head for quite awhile, when I came across a set of children's classics my Dad had given me 50 years ago. Finding they had insignificant monetary value, I made them into book purses. They were popularly received, so I built an larger inventory. They have been a hit everywhere I take them, and people love them as great gifts as well as for their own use.

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