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Announcing the 2007-2008 season of the
Hidden Hills of Western Massachusetts Map.

It's back! And better than ever with the integration of Hidden-Hills.com, a comprehensive web site featuring all of the businesses on the map! The web site will also feature other Hidden Hills businesses where a map location dot would not be appropriate (i.e. home office, mail order, internet) but who wish to capitalize on the attractiveness, usability and long shelf life of 30,000+ printed maps.

The maps will be produced and distributed throughout the northeast with an emphasis on Eastern Mass, Cape Cod & the Islands, Connecticut and the Greater Albany area. In addition, particular attention will be paid to distribution within Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire Counties. It is our goal to promote the map vigorously in the nearby western Massachusetts community, who often are unaware that the Hidden Hills offers such diversity of landscape and attractions right in their own backyard. Also, visitors to the surrounding area will be exposed to the region through maps distributed by hotels, motels, and B&B's throughout western Massachusetts.

This beautiful full color map was originally produced by the Hilltown Hospitality Council with the assistance of David Caputo Graphic Design. Now it is being produced by Positronic Design (formerly David Caputo Graphic Design) under license from and with the assistance of the Hilltown Hospitality Council.

For the $149.00 annual fee a map sponsor would get:

1. Numbered dot on map (optional)

2. Descriptive text on map reverse (name, address, phone, desc.)

3. One page on www.Hidden-Hills.com with an
     easy-to-remember address like:
- - www.hidden-hills.com/yourbusiness.

- - This would be referenced from both Businesses by Town
- - and Businesses by Type (and from the Tourism Links and/or
- - Real Estate and/or Community Events pages as appropriate)

4. Your logo, up to five pictures and 100 words of
- - descriptive text on that page (more text, pictures
- - and/or on-line coupons available for a small extra charge)

5. Free link to your own home page if you have one
- - and a free e-mail link to your e-mail account.

6. One year of web hosting for the web page

7. Up to 50 free maps to distribute at your business

8. 25% Discount on business cards / letterhead
- - ordered with the hidden-hills website address

9. Door/cash register sticker
- - (We're in the Hidden Hills Map! - www.hidden-hills.com)

Annual date for map release is early May.

20,000 Summer - - 5,000 Fall - - 2,500 Winter - - 2,500 Spring

Please call us if you have any questions.
Positronic Design
413-532-6440 · 800-472-3765


You can print out and mail in this form or send your information electonically using the form below.

Business Name

Business Street Address

Business Mailing Address (if different)

Business Telephone ----- Fax

Web Site Address (if you have one)


Contact Name

Signature ---------------------------- Date

Custom website and print packages available at special rates for Hidden-Hills.com members.

Call 800-472-3765 for details.


Standard Package - $149

Map Dot (Optional)
Business Name, Address, Phone, Description (6 words)
on back of map.
Logo, up to 5 photos & 100 words
on Hidden-Hills.com


Gold Package - $295

Standard Package PLUS
1" x 3.5" Display Ad on
Map Face or Back Panel
+2 Photos & +50 words
on Hidden-Hills.com


Platinum Package - $595

Gold Package PLUS
Small linked sponsorship text on every web page in the site


Extra words - $1.00/each
Extra photos - $20.00/each
Includes hosting for one year.


Online Submission Form
Business Name*:
Business Street Address:
Business Mail:
Business Mailing Address:
(if different)
Business Telephone:
Business Fax:
Business Website:
(if you have one)
Contact Name:
Package desired:     Standard     Gold       Platinum

Fields marked with * are required.
Please also verify the desired package before you submit again.

Mail form to: Positronic Design - 903 Dwight Street - Holyoke, MA 01040

Make checks out to Positronic Design


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