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Hilltown Tree & Garden

Jim McSweeney, M.C.A., M.C.H.
Box 248
Chesterfield, MA 01012


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MA Certified Arborist
MA Certified Horticulturist

Tree care:
General Tree Care
Fine Pruning
Orchard Restoration
Landscape & Cottage Garden:

Excellent local references
Organically oriented
Native Plants
Fully insured

Jim McSweeney, Hilltown Tree and Garden's owner and operator, is a certified arborist and a certified horticulturalist. He has a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and was schooled in horticulture and arboriculture at the University of Massachusetts Stockbridge School. He is a regular speaker at New England Wildflower Society, teaching courses on a diverse range of topics, including: Natural Pest Control, Pruning, Landscape Design with Natives, etc. He is an active member of nine professional associations:

• MA Arborist Association
• MA Nursery and Landscape Association
• MA Forestry Association
• Northeast Organic Farmers Association
• New England Wildflower Society
• International Society of Arboriculture
• Berkshire Botanical Gardens
• Mary Selby Botanical Gardens
• Ecological Landscape Association

He spends his winters traveling and informally studying landscape design, pests, traditional agriculture, urban ecosystems, and other horticulture-related subjects. His travels have brought him from London's Kew Gardens to the Mughal Palace Gardens of India's state of Kashmir. Jim brings the abilities gained from this worldwide experience to your landscape.

hilltown tree and garden photo

Hilltown Tree and Garden offers three areas of expertise:

  1. Landscape and Cottage Garden Design and Installation - A successful design and installation depends on sound horticulture. Our designs focus on beauty, long-term sustainability, biodiversity, native plants, and low maintenance.
  2. Arboriculture - These services include pruning of large or small trees and shrubs, disease and insect diagnostic work, organic fertilization, planting, removals, cabling of mature trees, natural pest control, and large tree moving.
  3. Perennial Gardens - Some clients have their gardens maintained by Hilltown Tree and Garden on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Others need established gardens restored and/or redesigned.

Hilltown Tree and Garden, established in 1995, employs certified arborists and horticulturalists. They have four full-time professionals on staff who have been designing and maintaining some of the most beautiful and exclusive landscapes from Amherst to the Berkshires.


  • Hilltown Country Garden Style (Ashfield, MA)
    This was a multi year landscape design installation project in Ashfield that had a number of issues to solve: Major drainage problems, no plants, compacted and stripped off soil, tree damage and a desire for a native wildflower meadow. The construction of the house was now just completed and the clients wanted the landscape installed. These portfolio pictures will only focus on the flower and shrub landscaping directly around the house. Plant repetition and large drifts is a key theme in this garden.

  • Native Wildflower Meadow & Stone Work (Worthington, MA)
    Our work at this Worthington home was diverse: two understory native fern glades, native conifers and shrubs, perennial gardens, and a native tall grass wildflower meadow beside an authentic, traditional New England stone wall with path.

  • HTTG's Home/Office | "Victory Vegetable Garden" (Chesterfield, MA)
    While the entire property, nestled in the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts, is 38 acres, 37 are managed for sustainable timber harvest, wildlife, and water quality in a program call "Forestry Stewardship". In the remaining one acre, Jim and his wife Lisa have designed, built & managed a: house, barn, 2 goats for meat and milk, solar panels, green house, wood shed, septic system, well, driveway, orchard, small fruits, vegetables, herbs, ornamental flowering trees, shade trees, wetland plantings, tall grass wildflower meadow, cutting flowers, lawn and a root cellar.

View photos from our Portfolio.


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