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Chester, Massachusetts

Autumn colors

2000 Population: 1,308

Area: 36.7 sq mi

Population Density: 35.6 / sq mi

Bordered by: Blandford, Huntington,
, Middlefield, Becket

Accessible by: US Route 20, Skyline Trail

Attractions: Miniature Theatre of Chester,
Chester-Blandford State Forest, Littleville Fair,
Sanderson Brook Falls, Chester State Wildlife Management Area, Hiriam H Fox State Wildlife Management Area

Known as the Gem of the Valley, Chester was first settled in
1750s as Township No. 9. The small town was once the center
of granite and emery mining for New England. Striking relics of
this industrial past stand to remind, like the Keystone Arches, a
rare example of a keystone railway bridge that still serves
westbound trains into Upstate New York today.

Peaceful, quiet and surrounded by a natural scenery of
brook-lined forest, Chester is a perfect stop to make a short
hike with the promise of a nice meal at the end at one of its
fine, home-cooking inns.

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